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AI generated image of a rabbit dressed as a victorian gentleman in front of a white porcelain pot of tea

Joshua Weiner

I’m a middle aged software engineer living in Seattle WA who works in research administration.  I have been doing photography for over 20 years and have been becoming increasingly focused on fiber arts.  My parents had extensive crafting interests and I’m following in their footsteps.  

The Center For Economically Non-Viable Pursuits is meant to reflect my interest in craft as something that exists outside of normal economic activity.  With US cultural being so heavily oriented towards hustle and multiple income streams (little wonder given the financially fragile state 98% of us are in) why engage in something that consumes resources but produces no profit?  

My other interests are in gender and sexuality in craft as boys don’t knit.  Except when they do.  

Contact me at info@evilconspiracy.com

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