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Project Complete: Sunflower Thread Painting

Completed Project: Sunflower Thread Painting

As someone who was recently diagnosed after struggling with ADHD for a lifetime every project completed instead of stacked away in a pile of doom, despair, and self-loathing along with the other projects I had at one time been extremely excited about. 

This is immediately after taking the embroidery off the hoop.  I still needed to wash the printable stabilizer out of it.   











This is the embroidery after washing the stabilizer out and allowing it to dry. 

After washing the embroidery I’m seeing gaps in the thread.  I don’t know what caused those, perhaps crossing of threads or other issues with the my short/long stitches.  Something to be aware of for the future.

I’m also seeing that the color selection wasn’t great, there’s a huge jump between the black, darkest grey, and middle grey and almost no difference between the two lightest shades.  

I didn’t follow the directions for the thread that I put down, possibly because I had started the embroidery before drawing in the path that I thought the thread should take.  Will need to be aware of this for the future.  

Am I happy with it?  No.  Am I happy its done. Yes.  

And we keep moving forward.  This is my first embroidery of this type so its a learning process.  I just need to be sure I keep the lessons in mind on my next project.