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Project: Circles and Rain Sashiko Panel

One of the questions I have for sashiko is what are the defining characteristics of the technique and practice.  There is a method of making stitches (unshin) and then there is a set of traditional patterns which are used for various styles and regional variations of sashiko.  Are both required for a piece of embroidery… Continue reading Project: Circles and Rain Sashiko Panel

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Freestyle Embroidery Sampler

About a month ago I purchased an embroidery kit from TheCherryBlossomUS store on etsy to get a proper start with western style embroidery.  I have done some limited embroidery in the past using only a backstitch to do outlines of geometric shapes on denim shirts.  This was also several decades ago at this point.   This… Continue reading Freestyle Embroidery Sampler

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Project Plan: Noragi Style Coat

Noragi is farmwear.  This coat is patterned on a traditional farmer’s jacket which were designed to be created out of plant fibers (primarily hemp) using minimal waste of fabric when cutting and simple to sew by hand. The coat will be cut out of blue cotton dobby, will most likely be unlined, and will be… Continue reading Project Plan: Noragi Style Coat